Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Back in my ginger snaps post I mentioned a brand of cookies that I rarely see anymore, especially now that I live in Ohio. But when I was a kid, I could remember display walls lined with the boxes in the grocery store. While I'm back in DE to see family for the holidays, I was hoping that I could find them again... and I did!. They're Ivin's spice wafers. Not exactly ginger snaps, but they definitely carry a nice ginger flavor (it only lists "spices" in the ingredient list to give you any idea of what actually gives them flavor beyond molasses). I also solved the issue of why you can't find them in OH. They're essentially a store brand for the Albertsons grocery chains, of which there are none in OH. But yay for finding they're still made, even if they clearly aren't as popular anymore.

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Having already taken a short stroll down memory lane myself, I saw today that Serious Eats did a post on their top posts of the year. One of them was from April (before I started following I'll admit) and went over a top ten of foods from the 80's and 90's that are sadly no longer with us (well, sadly for some, I'm sure there are those who rejoiced at their demise). I'd highly recommend taking a look (Linky) especially if you were born within the past 30 years. I will take issue with Crystal Pepsi being #10, and even worse, behind #5 Ecto Cooler (hey, I loved Ecto as much as any kid, but Crystal Pepsi was the best).

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Andrea said...

This package looks just like packs of ginger cookies we used to get in Philadelphia, PA when I was a child. The cookies were flat and cracked on the top and both chewy and crispy with a powerful ginger flavor. They were only around in October (Halloween) and I really loved them. I've never seen them in Wisconsin.