Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I am no Michael Symon

Somehow, during a conversation with some of my co-workers, the issue of odd flavor combinations came up yesterday. I had remember reading something in the NYT about chocolate covered bacon and how it was an either love it or hate it type deal (link to the article). One of my friends said that chef Michael Symon did it once on an episode of Dinner Impossible (apparently I missed that episode but here it is if you wish to watch) and that she would be open to trying it. Now, being a scientist who cooks, I'm pretty much willing to try anything at least 3 times. Having easy access to cheap bacon and keeping an ample supply of chocolate in my house just makes things easier. So, after frying up a couple slices, tearing them into small pieces, and covering them in dark chocolate last night I sampled as many people in my department as I could find to get their impression.

End results: some liked it, some where disgusted, and a few said it would have worked better with milk chocolate and crispier bacon (that would primarily be my friend who said that's how Michael Symon did it). I would have to agree with her though. I buy the big bags of the Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips from Sam's Club (and 25# bags of flour and sugar for that matter) because its cheaper and I use dark chocolate when I make truffles (yes, there will be a post about the flavor combinations I've done). Unfortunately, there was a strong fruity note that didn't jive well with the bacon. I think I may need to start keeping a supply of milk chocolate chips
now. I'll let you know how the next batch turns out.

Also, NYT has a rather interesting article about butter and its importance in baking, check it out, its a good read (Linky)